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    Custom Battery Solution

    Demand-Orientated Customization Solution

    Grepow designs and manufactures custom-made batteries and cells for the specific needs, from chemistry to structural design to protection systems. For customers designing their own electric powertrains or completing devices for a specific application, Grepow provides one-stop services and fully-integrated battery solution to reply to specific needs.

    Customizable Features

    Shape Design

    Customize Compact & Size

    Temperature Conditions


    BMS Design

    Custom your BMS functions:

  • Communication Functions

    - Communication Protocol(SMBus, CAN)

    - Communication Protection

    - SOC Indicator

    - Current Detection

    - Abnormal Log

    - Self-Inspection

    - Using Time Record

  • Charge Management

    - Charging Over-Voltage Protection

    - Charging Over-Current Protection

    - Charging Over-Temperature Alarm/Protection

    - Charging Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection

    - Abnormal Voltage Gap Warning

    - Charging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection

    - Self-Balancing

  • Discharge Management

    - Discharging Over-Current Protection

    - Discharging Under-Voltage Protection

    - Battery No-Load Protection

    - Discharging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection

    - Discharging Over-temperature Alarm/Protection

    - Discharge Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection

  • Other Functions

    - Self-Heating Technology for Low Temperature

    - Ultra-Low Power Consumption

    - Reverse Connection Protection

    - Self-Discharging in Fully Charged Storage

  • Why Grepow?

  • Staff Engineers specializing in battery packs.

  • Rapid prototyping and mass production.

  • Technology / R&D

  • Strictly confidential

  • After sale service

  • 3000+ Skilled workers
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • 150,000 Factory Size
  • 200+ Professional Engineers
  • Grepow made to the Highest Standards