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    Low-Temperature Battery


    Lithium Polymer (LiPo)

    Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)

    Operating Temperature

    -50℃ to 50℃

    -40℃ to 50℃

    Cell Type

    Pouch Cell

    Pouch Cell

    Nominal Voltage



    Low-Temperature Charging Performance

    -20℃ (0.2C)

    Not available

    The Discharge Performance

    The discharging current of 0.2C at -50℃is over 60% efficiency, and over 80% efficiency at -40℃, around 80% efficiency at -30℃.

    The discharging current of 0.2C at -20℃ is over 85% of initial capacity; at -30℃ is 70%; at -40℃ is around 55%.




    Performance Specification

  • LiPo Battery

  • LiFePO4 Battery

  • Grepow's LiPo batteries can be made to operate in environments with low temperature of -50℃ to 50℃. Under low temperature, the batteries can achieve a lower internal resistance and, thus, a high discharge rate. Compared with traditional Lithium Polymer batteries, Grepow's batteries have broken through the discharge temperature limits of -20℃ to 60℃.

    They are able to discharge over 60% efficiency at 0.2C at -40℃ and discharge over 80% efficiency at 0.2C at -30℃. When charged at 20℃ to 30℃ by 0.2C, the capacity can maintain above 85% after 300 cycles. The batteries can be ready for mass production, and they have been widely used in cold climates and military products.

  • Shaped Battery Series

    Grepow low temperature shaped battery operating environment in the low-temperature range -50℃ to 50℃.  The thickness between 0.4~8mm, width between 6~50mm. Shaped battery has over 5,000 batteries in various sizes, shapes, and capacities. Every shape is possible. The following types are references:
    Rectangle battery, round battery, ultra thin battery, curved battery, triangle battery, hexagon battery, ultra narrow battery, C shape battery, D shape battery, polygonal battery. They are widely used in GPS trackers, wearable devices, medical equipment, IoT devices, various consumer electronics and so on.

    Why you need Low Temperature Battery?

    When you planning to cold areas or work on cold temperature environment, you should consider whether your batteries can be used for a long time in this temperature environment.

  • Geographical Environment
  • Climate Environment
  • Working Environment
  • Low Temperature Battery Applications

    GREPOW produces high-performance Low Temperature Batteries for Military equipment, aerospace industry, deep diving equipment, polar region scientific investigation, electric power telecommunication, public security, medical electronics, AGV, RV, Electric Ice Auger, etc. Grepow R&D team works closely with clients to provide the best solution for your batteries.
    Military Equipment
    Deep Diving Equipment
    Electric Ice Auger
    Public Security
    Recreational Vehicle-RV
    Electric Power Telecommunication
    Automatic Guided Vehicle-AGV
    Medical Electronics
    Polar Region Scientific Investigation
    Oil Field Light Tower
    Aerospace Industry
    Ice Fish Finder Battery Application
    Cold storage Forklift
    Heated clothing
    Frigid Zone Relief


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