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    Shaping the Future with Innovation

    Quality Monitoring and Control System

    Input barcode data

    Bar code quality control

    Data information software

    The System 2.0


    (Control Center)
  • CuC

    (Customer Center)
  • ReCC

    (Reliability Control Center)
  • BkC

    (Backup Center)
  • PCC x 8

    (Process Control Center)
  • Customer Center

  • 100% check the finished product

  • Regular characteristics in Specification sheet

  • Special items based on customer's requirements

  • All the data can be traced through the pack barcode

  • Customers are welcome to co-work in OQCC

  • ReCC

    Reliability Test Lab

    Safety and Storage base on UL

    Material Test Lab.-1

    Physical introduction of materials and new materials (laboratory 1)

    Material Test Lab.-2

    Chemistry (laboratory 2) property inspection

    Process environment

    Moisture, dust, temperature…

    WIP characteristic check

    Mixing slurry and cell after formation.

    Reliability control

    Calibration and control plan on all instruments in process

    Testing Equipment and Monitoring Center