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    Your needs, our goals

    Portable Power


    Grepow is committed to bringing new developments in high capacity power storage to market. Our power storage solutions offers the advantages of higher energy density in terms of kilogram without the matching price tag.

    TATTU 100Wh portable power station


    High quality Lithium Cobalt Oxide and Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries - reduced weight and increased safety ;

    Longer run times due to higher capacity ;

    Supports Fast Charging ;

    Multi-Layer protection safety system from our in-house BMS ;


    TATTU 100Wh portable power station
    A portable and compact power source that can be used on multiple occasions to provide you with AC or DC power supply. The TATTU 100Wh portable power station is equipped with stable and safe performance LiFePO4 batteries.
    Wall Charger
    Tattu's new power bank 5200mAh is a charger and power bank combo. Compact design and easy to carry everywhere. Tattu 5200mAh 17W 3.4amp AC power bank for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, MP3/4, Android devices, and other electronics.